Thursday, August 30, 2007

Your Health Is Your Wealth!

After hearing about this incredible product MonaVie you may have a deep desire to try it, after all if others found relief so may you! However, something is holding you back, the cost, the price of MonaVie may be the one vital aspect that's keeping you from possibly enjoying relief from daily pain. This amazing product MonaVie is not inexpensive, it has it's price and deservedly so. MonaVie, The Premier Acai Juice Blend was not brought to us overnight, there were many months of studies by Doctors and Scientist alike. After their exhaustive studies in conclusion they found the perfect 19 fruits from around the world that would come to make up this amazing nutrient rich fruit blend that is taking the Health and Wellness industry by storm. The main ingredient in this drink is the Acai Berry from the Brazilian Rain Forest. There are costs associated with harvesting the berry and producing it in a patent pending process that is equalled by none. The MonaVie Company recognized that the only way to harvest and store this "super" berry before it started to lose its nutritional value was to Freeze Dry it and with this process 100% of the nutrients found in the acai berry are retained. No other product on the market containing the acai berry can boast this claim! In MonaVie Active they have added a liquid, all natural, high quality Glucosamine and Esterified Fatty Acids, both of which are added to help maintain healthy joint function! This all contributes the the price of the product!

Now that you have some explanation of the cost of MonaVie. I am going to give you two reasons why you should not let this stand in your way and keep you from adding a valuable healthy supplement to your daily diet for a healthier you.

First, think about it for just a second, what is better taking medicine and being treated after you've become sick or doing all that you can do through exercise and good nutrition to keep your body and cells as healthy as they can be to ward off illness and disease? A healthy body is a body that has a good immune system, can fight off disease and illness and does not go to the doctor and take expensive medicines as often as an unhealthy body! A healthy body cost much less then an unhealthy body and no one can argue with that statement! So from that standpoint staying healthy will possibly keep doctors bills down and future medical bills to a minimum.

Another great reason you should not let the cost of MonaVie deter you from making a move toward a healthier you through this amazing Juice blend is that there are opportunities with the MonaVie Company to become a distributor and purchase your Healthy Juice at wholesale cost as well as endless opportunities for not only good health but great wealth.

I won't go into detail here but it's worth checking into to see what MonaVie can do for your health and well-being while it allows you to make a lucrative living selling a great product you believe in to those who might enjoy the amazing benefits countless others, including myself, have experienced!

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