Saturday, October 20, 2007


The Following is an email sent from my brother Chas about his ordeal with cancer. Chas had quite a struggle on his hands but with his faith, the faith of our family and God's Good Graces he made it through! Though it was probably the toughest fight of his life he never gave up, he never gave in and now today he is a cancer survivor of almost 9 years. Below, through an email you can read his compelling story and how his introduction to MonaVie has helped with his recovery...

I attached to this e-mail a speech I gave as the honored speaker at an early 2000's American Cancer Society Relay For Life Rally to give you some background on what it was like to learn I had cancer, what is was like fighting cancer, and what it was like being victorious over cancer. In re-reading that speech of almost 6 years ago, I am reminded of the unfortunate changes that the chemotherapy and radiation effected upon my entire intestinal system. The year 2008 marks my 9th year being cancer free. More than that, I will be able to begin a new year with a calmer, healthier intestinal system than I've had since I was released from the hospital on July 5. 1999. My "new year of Health" is due, I believe, to an amazing Brazilian superfood found in God's Gift MonaVie.

You already know that MonaVie is a blend of 19 superfood fruits and how the main fruit, the special Acai berry, declared by real scientists and real doctors as a health gift from heaven, helps repair cellular damage, arrests free-radicals in the body, and actually promotes anti-aging. I'd like to tell you of just one of the many benefits I know to be a fact for me since I began early last July enjoying the health rewards of drinking MonaVie.

After my cancer treatments concluded in late May of 1999, one of my physicians, Dr. Gillette, a truly nationally renowned radiation oncologist told me that although my intestinal system was healed from the 5+ weeks of daily radiation, my intestinal cells were not "the same" as they once were. In short, Dr. Gillette was only telling the half of it. Foods that I loved and enjoyed frequently were not "staying with me". I began to experience a daily diarrhea whenever I ate just about any food and there were times that I'd have to make a bee-line to the bathroom merely from drinking water! Going out to dinner with friends became impossible; I was always ashamed and worried that I'd have to make it to toilet on a second's notice. I was
a big-time traveler who found excitement learning of new locales, new countries, and new people but that became a thing of the past. I couldn't even travel to a movie theatre without fear I'd have an accident. What most people didn't understand then, and still do not "get" today, is that my situation was that once my body "decided" it was going to "move", there was no waiting, stopping, or "holding". I better be near porcelain. It was just a dreadful time because I became a literal recluse in my own home. In the few short months that I began drinking MonaVie, I can now eat many foods that I previously would only rent for a VERY short time. I am going out to dinners with friends and actually NOT running to the men's rooms during meals. Of course, I must still be reasonable. There are still foods that set me off but anymore it's a rare experience. I must be reasonable about what I eat and I can enjoy the balance of the day or evening without furiously galloping to the bathroom. I am not being overly dramatic when I say galloping. Unless a person's been in my shoes, there is just no way to explain what I went through. One business person I had had a couple of dinners out with made the remark that she wasn't going to go out and have dinner with me anymore because she felt she was making me sick, that was her way of letting me know I was ruining her evening. Yep, people are very
uncaring but most importantly here is my point that unless you've been through this you can not imagine the peace of mind I enjoy because of MonaVie. I can not tell enough people about this great juice. Anyone who is not using it is not as healthy as they could be in my opinion. I am not a doctor but I do know that MonaVie has built my health and my health improved without taking loads of pills, fiber mixes, injections, harsh regimens, or chemicals of any kind. Nature is the best way!

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