Sunday, August 26, 2007

What is your health worth to you?

I'd like to address an important question that comes up whenever I am touting the praises of this wonderful product MonaVie, an all natural fruit blend composed of 19 nutrient dense fruits from across the globe with it's star component being, the Acai Berry from the Amazon Rain forest.

After passing on the knowledge about what good nutrition can do for your body and how MonaVie has put the best Nature has to offer in an amazing and powerfully healthy fruit juice blend, it always dumbfounds me that some people are hesitant because of the cost, the cost of a product that has the potential to ward off disease!

From day one when we come into this world our bodies are deteriorating. I know that sounds far out there, but it isn't! Think of our bodies as a machine, let's use a car as an example, when that car is new everything is working in top notch form, but as the car works day in and day out, it starts to show a little wear and eventually does not work quite as it did when it was new. Our bodies work much in the same way, when we are young things work pretty well, but as we age we start to slow down a bit and things just don't work quite the same as they did in our youth.

Now when you have a machine, obviously something has to be put in it to make it run, in the case of a car, that would be fuel! There are different grades of fuel. The higher quality grades of fuel will make your car run better, will keep the engine in better shape, will most likely give that engine, that car, a longer life expectancy. Again, the same goes for our bodies! We need fuel to live, what we eat is our fuel. There are foods that are better for us then others, there are foods that give us many nutritional benefits and there are foods that don't have any nutritional value whatsoever. Logically the foods with high nutritious content are going to give your body what it needs to run well, stay healthy and live a longer life.

There are other vital steps you can take to help a machine last longer, to slow down the deterioration process! With a car, which is mostly made up of metal, metal that rusts, you can use a product on that metal to make it rust resistant, it is something that is easily applied, but may cost you a pretty penny. However, what that rust inhibitor does is well worth the price for it will keep your car looking new and beautiful for a long time. Our machines, our bodies rust much in the same way a car does, this is called oxidation. This oxidation occurs due to the stress of everyday living and there are many outside factors that cause stress to our bodies as well. Oxidation damages your cells which in turn can bring on disease and can age you faster. Fortunately, God provided us with oxidation inhibitors called, antioxidants! Antioxidants are found in nature. When we eat fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants we are helping to rust guard our cells. Loading up our bodies with antioxidants and nutrient dense foods will keep us living longer healthier lives.

Why are we so willing to pay a few extra dollars for higher grades of fuel and rust inhibitors for our automobile care?

Why do we tend to think our bodies are not worth the expense of staying healthy?

After all, you can replace your car!!!

MonaVie, the Ziebart of the Health Food Industry!!!!

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