Friday, August 24, 2007

The Power Of Nature!

Have you ever looked around in wonderment at this amazing world God created? I know I have! Whenever I see a rainbow, a mighty oak tree, or even a simple butterfly I am in awe of God's work! God knew what he was doing when he created this world, he filled it with everything we would need to survive and thrive. This is exactly what I think about when I hear countless stories about the amazing "super" fruit from the Brazilian Rain Forest, The Acai (ah-sigh-ee) Berry! No doubt you have heard about it too, it is making headlines faster then Britney Spears, but in a more positive fashion! I believe everything we need to keep our bodies healthy is right under our nose, right under our feet, literally the soil we walk on is the key to life! The soil has the nutrients that flow through the plants we eat, the plants that also feed the animals we eat. The sun plays an important role doing it's part to nurture and help the plants grow. What grows from this soil give us oxygen, food and in turn good health. Good health that is if we eat from the planet the way God intended! Our bodies are very complex, God knew this and he made it so simple for us to keep these amazing machines running in top notch form, he gave us every thing we need right here on earth to stay healthy and live long lives. But being the mere humans that we are through the years we have strayed from this simple formula! In an effort to make life less hectic and ease the burden of the fast paced world we now live in we have over processed our food to the point that it carries little if any nutritious value! We have bogged down our bodies with substances that our bodies were not meant to handle and not meant to run on. I make the comparison this way, it's like filling the gas tank of your car, which runs on regular gas, with deisel fuel! That engine is going to lock up!!! I think the fairly new discovery of this amazing nutrient dense fruit here in the western culture is no accident, I think God is giving us a wake up call! Statistics will tell you that more Americans are coming down with more diseases then ever before and they are getting sick at an earlier age then ever before. The indigenious people of the rain forest have known for years what this astounding little berry is capable of doing and the healing power it possesses! We Americans need this powerful fruit now more then ever! God put many wonderful nutritious foods on earth to sustain us, it's up to us to make the right choices to let us live healthy and long lives! Everything we need is right here in nature, Nature is a Powerful and Wonderful thing!

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