Wednesday, August 22, 2007


A very dear friend asked me today why I say MonaVie has helped me when I am still in pain? My answer is simple! First, I don't claim, nor does the company, that MonaVie can cure or prevent any disease, condition or ailment, but what it can do is add vital nutrients to your daily diet that most people just don't get enough of to keep their bodies in an optimum state of health. Armed with these important nutrients your body can fight off many diseases and even begin to heal itself. This is what it has done for me and I can say this because I have experienced it first hand. I am not saying I am without pain completely, but after only one month of drinking as little as 4 ounces a day I have received a considerable amount of relief from the constant pain in my arthritis riddled knees. I've noticed a huge reduction in the inflamation in my knees where a lot of the pain was originating. Comparing the pain currently experienced to Pre-MonaVie days, I can honestly say it is more of a discomfort now than an unbareable ache! I have also enjoyed several other wonderful affects from the MonaVie Juice Blend. I have noticed a healthier glow to my skin and it's softer to the touch, I have noticed that I have a bit more energy now then before and I can move more freely, my knees don't feel like they're always locked in place. I believe all of these changes are due to the healthful ingredients in the MonaVie Fruit Blend. I drink the MonaVie Active with added Glucosamine for my joints. Everything in this powerful drink is natural and full of the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy and running smoothly. This drink is a Food, not a Drug so how could it be anything but good for you! Over 100 nutrient dense fruits from across the globe were scientifically evaluated, 19 were chosen for their high nutritious value to be apart of this amazing drink, with the Acai Berry as the star ingredient. The high antioxidant content is the key to it's success! Inflammation is the enemy of the body, it is where all health problems seem to originate. The MonaVie Blend has the ingredients to fight this inflammation and feed your cells what they need to be healthy again...healthy cells ward off desease, it's that simple!

Please come back to my blog often, read and or listen to the links I have posted and will be posting in the near future...these will contain additional important and vital information!
Future posting will explain why MonaVie Fruit Blend is a good way to get your daily recommended requirements.

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Smoochie said...

Thank you for that great explaination on the pain factor an how this product works.