Saturday, September 29, 2007


IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE...Have you ever heard this saying, if so have you ever really taken the time to think about what it means and how so very true it is?
If all of us really understood this saying when we were younger we would be living happier healthier lives!

One constant stumbling block I run into when talking to people about MonaVie is that people will tell me that they "don't need it, they are already healthy"! How many people know what it means to be healthy, how many people truly know what it takes to maintain an optimum level of health? There are a lot of health conscious people doing the things that all of us know are good for us, like staying active and getting plenty of exercise, cutting out certain foods and fats that are bad for us, staying away from sugar which can age you prematurely and cause other negative health issues. We learn everyday what not to do and what not to eat, but how often do we really hear exactly what we need to add to our diets, to our daily routine to keep our cells healthy, to keep our bodies running at healthy and optimum levels? MonaVie can do this! It's ironic that the very things people do to stay fit are actually putting a lot of stress on their bodies which can be detrimental to their health in the future. Jogging, walking, exercising and any other physically demanding activities can take a toll on your body. While all of these things are good for you and a big part of staying in shape, they only work if you feed your body the proper nutrients to keep up with the stress load you're putting on your body. If you run daily you're putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your joints constantly and if not properly cared for those joints will wear out! Runners will put a lot of time and money picking out the right pair of shoes to help absorb some of the shock and hopefully take some stress off the joints. Eating the proper nutritional foods can do so much more then an expensive and trendy pair of sneakers! MonaVie hits the jackpot when it comes to nutritional foods! If you keep your body as nutritionally healthy as it can be then the stress you subject your body to through exercise will be minimized.

So why not invest in your "good health" now by wisely choosing to add MonaVie to your health routine! Do all you can through not only daily activity but by eating a good nutritionally sound diet. Don't be fooled into thinking you're doing all you can to live a longer healthier life if you don't eat what your body needs, if you don't give your cells what is necessary to maintain the healthiest state possible. A happy healthy future is in your hands, count your blessings if you can realize this now instead of down the road when it's too late and the damage is done. Take a step now to prevent the kind of damage a lot of us suffer from because we did not truly understand that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"!

Please take the time to research for yourself! There are many links on this page to the right and on other sites as well that will help you better understand this good sound advice. If you only choose one link to open please watch the very informative video where Dr. Niles, end stage cancer specialist talks about the benefits of MonaVie and why it works! The Link is under the Educational Heading titled: DR. NILES TALKS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF FRUIT IN YOUR DIET...A MUST SEE VIDEO!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


If you've ever solved a difficult puzzle, found money, won a competition or done just about anything that excited you enough to want to share the news with the world, then you understand the way I feel when I talk about the amazing benefits I have received since beginning to include MonaVie in my daily diet! After only two months of drinking a healthy nutritious fruit juice blend made up of 19 fruits from around the world called MonaVie I am lucky enough to say I have gained remarkable relief from debilitating arthritis pain and I have noticed a huge difference in my energy level. I have also noticed countless other subtle positive changes in my health and body!

I was so excited about my positive experience with MonaVie I passed on my story to my son hoping this Healthy Fruit Juice would help him as well. My son was born with Occulta Spina Bifida. It is the mildest form of this serious birth defect but none the less it causes him great distress and pain constantly from the crack in one of the vertebra in his spine. Back pain and sleepless nights are just a few of the symptom's he suffers from daily. He was very reluctant and skeptical about the Juice and it wasn't until I asked him to try it as a favor to me to see if it would help him that he agreed to drink this nutritionally powerful juice. After just one week of drinking 4oz. a day of MonaVie Active he called me with a zest in his voice that I had not heard in a long time and very emotionally he began to tell me how good it was to sleep through the night without waking up often to change positions so he could get back to sleep comfortably. He went on to say he woke up feeling more refreshed and did not dread the painful struggle out of bed. He said "I don't care what it takes, I don't EVER want to STOP drinking this juice"! He believes as I do that what is in this juice has given him great relief and he is extremely happy with his results! As his mother, of course I too am pleased that he is experiencing this kind of relief and that is why I continue to pass on the word, to share my story and his so that others may take that first step to a less painful and healthier future!

With MonaVie, I feel like I have found the answer to good health, to a better quality of life! With MonaVie, I feel like I have hit the Nutritional Jackpot and my health is my wealth! With this wonderful product, I feel I have won the battle against disease and pain and the benefits I gained for a brighter healthier future are my gold medals!

Please check out the many informative links on the right side of this page to see for yourself what MonaVie might possibly do for you!

Friday, September 7, 2007


I have watched this video 4 times today, and I am drawn back to it again and again...This video containing an explanation of How and Why MonaVie works is compelling! Dr. L. Niles, End Stage Cancer Specialist gives a candid and simple explanation of why we should have listened to our mother's when we were young and eaten our fruits and vegetables, NUTRITION DOES COUNT! If after you view this informative video you don't walk away saying to yourself, "I need to take better care of myself through proper nutritious eating," I will be very suprised!

For your healths sake, please take a look at the link on the right side of this page under the "Educational Link" Heading, Dr. Niles talks about why fruits and vegetables should be included in your daily diet...Listen to Dr. Niles as he gives you the formula for a long healthy life!

Dr. Niles Explains How/Why Fruit is Imortant To Your Health!!

This information is worth sharing!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


No doubt you've heard the saying "don't believe everything you read" and for the most part those words should be taken into consideration when seeking out information regarding a topic of interest. As you gather more knowledge about MonaVie be sure you are getting the information you want from a respectable source for all sources are not created equal! Steer clear of Internet sites promising the "same" product at a fraction of the cost, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is"! Be sure to contact someone in the MonaVie network as well as reputable and accredited outside sources if you want the facts about this healthy nutritious juice blend. Don't listen to anyone who promises overnight miracles, that just simply is not going to happen! The MonaVie Company and its many Independent Distributors do not claim, nor should they, that this product can cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or condition. What it does claim is that MonaVie is packed with 19 of the finest, highest nutrient dense fruits from around the world. These fruits pack a punch when it comes to phytonutrients and antioxidants which scientist have proven to be essential for optimum health! When your body is given what it requires to feed it's cells and keep them healthy then your body can begin to heal itself! Plain and simple, MonaVie is a food, a highly nutritious food, it is exactly what your body needs to be healthy, a healthy body can heal itself!

Don't let the skeptics dissuade you before you do your homework! This is your life and health you're trying to improve. If the possibility exists that this nutritious fruit blend could benefit you in many positive ways isn't that worth investigating to the fullest, isn't that worth giving it a try! After all, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"!

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