Friday, September 7, 2007


I have watched this video 4 times today, and I am drawn back to it again and again...This video containing an explanation of How and Why MonaVie works is compelling! Dr. L. Niles, End Stage Cancer Specialist gives a candid and simple explanation of why we should have listened to our mother's when we were young and eaten our fruits and vegetables, NUTRITION DOES COUNT! If after you view this informative video you don't walk away saying to yourself, "I need to take better care of myself through proper nutritious eating," I will be very suprised!

For your healths sake, please take a look at the link on the right side of this page under the "Educational Link" Heading, Dr. Niles talks about why fruits and vegetables should be included in your daily diet...Listen to Dr. Niles as he gives you the formula for a long healthy life!

Dr. Niles Explains How/Why Fruit is Imortant To Your Health!!

This information is worth sharing!!!!


Kosio said...

Acai Berry

Anonymous said...

I have read your article this is so nice and more informative.MonaVie is great. It helping me with a great energy.